Paul Longpré

Paul realised his vocation at a very early age and was already making furniture by his early teens. His official training began in earnest with an intensive 5 year apprenticeship in fine English furniture making.  It was during this period that he learnt the full range of traditional furniture making techniques that remain today the true hallmark of the master cabinet maker. After 3 decades at the helm, Paul’s enthusiasm for his craft shows no sign of abating and his approach to leading the company still remains very much hands on.  As Founder of Longpré, he has many demands upon his time, however, a personal involvement in the day-to-day running of the workshops always takes priority.

Helen Moyers

Helen has always had an innate love of contemporary design, however, it was working for a Florentine fashion company that she began her career in design development. In 1990 she co-founded Longpré and turned her design aesthetic to overseeing the creation of the company’s design studio. Her meticulous eye for detail and enthusiasm for modern business practice ensures that Longpré continues to be a leading British name in international bespoke interiors.


The alignment of form and function represents Longpré’s creative principle. A desire to escape the vernacular and re-imagine the familiar is a natural instinct that we can all recognise. As designer-makers, Longpré thrives on this creative impulse – working alongside some of the world’s leading architects and designers is a much-valued privilege; accompanying our private clients on their own creative journey is a collaboration that we relish.


The extensive experience, knowledge and skills of our master cabinet makers enables Longpré to explore the boundaries of contemporary craftsmanship, establishing a reputation for unrivalled quality and expertise. Traditional cabinet making techniques, supported by modern technology, drive our practice of continual innovation in process and material to achieve results unique to our workshops.


Longpré has its roots firmly established in the 18th century Golden Age of English Furniture, a period in history which saw a significant enhancement of the existing design aesthetic and rapid advancement in construction methods. This watershed in the refinement of English interior design was led by luminaries such as Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam and Hepplewhite who remain household names to this day. Longpré recognises cabinet making as a true vocation and considers its mentorship role as a serious long-term commitment to help protect the future of this most exacting of bespoke crafts.


Ethics are at the forefront of Longpré’s business practice. Our sustainability policy takes centre stage and consists of a 5 pillared approach: procure from responsibly managed resources, minimize the consumption of energy and raw materials, maximize the longevity of our product, adopt the guiding principles of the circular economy and work towards a carbon neutral status by 2030. Transparency, our clients fundamental right to ‘commission with a conscience’, is fully respected and understood. We employ an ‘open door’ policy to actively encourage our clients and other interested parties to visit Longpré’s workshops to see at first hand, where, by whom and how our furniture is made. Corporate social responsibility sits alongside the company’s commercial interests. We value our place within our community and our ‘giving back’ programme is a key area within our business development strategy.